who i help

My name is Landon Zaki, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in California (PSY 27999) specializing in women’s mental health.  I created Bloom Therapy to help women of all ages, races, sexual orientations, and gender identities overcome hardships and build meaningful lives. Clients who come to me seek a therapist who understands the unique pressures that women today face.  They may be struggling to juggle multiple roles, fight discrimination and harassment, adjust to the demands of motherhood, or heal from a broken relationship, loss, or trauma.  I meet all of my clients with respect and compassion for their identity and experience.  Together we work to build up inherent strengths and confidence to change distressing patterns and create growth. 

My practice has a special commitment to nurturing women during their reproductive years, and I therefore particularly enjoy working with women and partners as they build their families.


How i help

As a psychologist, my goal is to provide you with high quality, evidence-based treatment in an environment that is safe, free from judgment, and respectful of diversity and inclusion.  My practice is rooted in cognitive-behavioral therapies, and incorporates elements of mindfulness, acceptance, and compassion.  I work collaboratively with my clients to tailor each therapy to their specific needs, goals, and strengths.  I offer individual psychotherapy, reproductive and infertility counseling for women and couples, fertility support groups, teletherapy, and lactation education classes for expectant parents.

my background

I have over fifteen years of professional experience working with women in a therapeutic capacity. I am passionate about helping women recognize their strengths, build self-confidence, and seize the life they want to live.  My interest in women's wellness began as an undergraduate at Vassar College where I worked with survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence.  After graduation, I continued this work in New York City and started my career at a local non-profit, advocating for older, economically disenfranchised women.  I went on to earn my masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University, concentrating in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and geropsychology.  I completed my pre- and post-doctoral clinical training with VA hospitals in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, specializing in evidence-based psychotherapy for women and LGBTQ populations.  In addition, I have extensive post-graduate education and training in maternal mental health, perinatal loss, reproductive and infertility counseling, and LGBTQ family building.  I am also a certificated lactation educator counselor.  You can learn more about my education and training by clicking below.