Love makes a family and today's families come in wonderfully diverse forms.  As an LGBTQ couple or solo parent, you may have questions or concerns about childbearing and parenting.  Are you ready to expand your family?  If so, how do you decide what family building option is right for you?  Will others support and accept your family?  When and how do you talk to your child about your family's unique story?  

A sensitive, knowledgeable advocate can provide the information and support needed to help address your family's specific concerns.  I will work with you to clarify reproductive options, resolve concerns, and carefully consider the implications of your choices.  You will be treated with compassionate, nonjudgmental care every step of the way.  Contact me today to begin sharing your parenthood journey.

I can help you with:

  • Reproductive Counseling and Education
  • Single Parenthood by Choice
  • Counseling on Third Party Reproduction (use of donor egg, sperm, embryo, or surrogacy)
  • Navigating Identity, Role, and Relationship Changes or Conflicts
  • Addressing Discrimination, Bias, and Judgement
  • Coming Out and Disclosure Concerns
  • How and What to Disclose to Children and When
  • Bolstering Support Systems
  • Connecting with Trusted Resources and Allied Providers