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You may wonder what reproductive counseling entails and whether it can help you.  Reproductive counseling supports individuals and couples in their journey to become parents – from those considering parenthood for the first time to those navigating the complex world of fertility preservation and treatment, assisted reproductive technology, and third party reproduction.  Reproductive counseling provides an opportunity to receive support, better understand your reproductive options and choices, and explore the impact of these events on yourself and your relationships.  No matter where you are in your reproductive journey, seeking counseling is a sign of strength and commitment to your personal well-being and that of your family. 

What can i expect?

You can expect a confidential and safe space to process thoughts, feelings, and challenges related to your reproductive story.  During our initial meetings, we will review your current circumstances, reproductive history, and important life history to help determine the type of counseling best suited to you.  You can expect emotional support and validation, exploration of hopes and expectations, tools for stress management and coping, information and resources, and counseling on specific concerns such as grief and loss, reproductive decision making, relationship conflicts, and information sharing with family, friends, and children.  Depending on your circumstances, you may be referred to allied providers.  While a single consultation session may meet the needs of some individuals and couples, others will decide that ongoing support is best. 

counseling components

Assessment – describes information gathering to plan and modify treatment.  I will listen and gather information about your “reproductive story," related psychological functioning, history, and needs to get to know you as a whole person.  You may also complete questionnaires related to symptoms and functioning.

Implications and Decision-making Counseling – allows individuals and couples to explore the personal implications of significant reproductive decisions they are contemplating.  This includes a discussion and understanding of how one’s culture, religion, and other values and beliefs view reproductive issues.  Clients may seek this type of counseling for support around third party reproduction (donor egg, sperm, embryo, or surrogacy), adoption, or high risk and multiple pregnancy.

Support Counseling and Education – offers psychological support, information, and tools to manage reproductive events and consequences.  Examples include emotional support during and following fertility treatments, and providing information to optimize one’s fertility, prepare for treatment, or manage uncertainty and waiting periods.

Crisis Counseling – may be needed at any point during the counseling relationship when a crisis or trauma occurs.  Clients may benefit from crisis counseling following specific losses such as receiving an infertility diagnosis, after a miscarriage or failed IVF cycle, or following any other event that destabilizes the individual or couple’s relationship.   

Therapeutic Counseling – may benefit individuals and couples who are experiencing high distress in their reproductive journey.  Anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, or problematic coping mechanisms may need to be specifically addressed before reproductive counseling can move forward.


IndividuaL Sessions

  • $190 = 50-minutes

COUPLE Sessions

  • $225 = 60-minutes

  • $250 = 90-minutes


  • $60 = 60-minutes

I am currently accepting Lyra Health and Modern Health clients.  Although I am not presently in-network for other insurance, I can assist you in obtaining partial reimbursement for your sessions if your insurance carrier provides out-of-network benefits.  You may receive from between 20-80% of the fee reimbursed.  Before we meet, you should contact your insurance carrier to verify whether you have mental health benefits, the number of sessions covered, the rate of reimbursement, and how much of a deductible may need to be met.  If you have questions about this, I am happy to assist.

I accept payment by cash, check, HSA/FSA debit card, or major credit card.  Payment is due prior to, or at the time of service.

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