When you set out to grow your family, you likely didn't imagine a journey marked by stress, frustration, or loss.  Being diagnosed with infertility can be shocking and devastating.  For many, it is a life crisis.  Painful feelings, isolation, and traumatic losses may occur.  You may find that you and your partner cope differently with these struggles, adding relationship tension and strain to an already painful situation.  When infertility-related stress (emotional, physical, and financial) becomes too much, even the most well adjusted individuals and couples may suffer.

Connecting with a knowledgeable and compassionate professional can help you feel supported during this difficult and often overwhelming time.  You have a unique reproductive story, and I am here to listen.  I will provide you guidance and emotional support, while offering information and resources to help you make the reproductive decisions that are right for you and your family. Care tailored to your unique parenthood journey is available.  Contact me today. 

I can help you with:

  • Reproductive Counseling and Education

  • Emotional Support during Fertility Treatment

  • Processing and Grieving Losses

  • Depression, Anxiety, Anger, and Trauma

  • Impact of Infertility on Relationships, Sex, Faith, and Sense of Self

  • Communicating Effectively to Get Needed Support

  • Sharing Infertility-Related Information with Family and Friends

  • Counseling on Third Party Reproduction (use of donor egg, sperm, embryo, or surrogacy)

  • Single Motherhood by Choice

  • Fertility Preservation Concerns for Medical or Social Reasons - Egg Freezing (Oocyte Cryopreservation)

  • Parenting after Reproductive Loss

  • Connecting with Resources - Support Groups, Trusted Web and Print Materials, and Allied Providers